Monday, February 27, 2012

This! - The Runaway Girls

For me, all the fierce ladies of the Runaways series are exactly what not-quite-exactly-women-yet in superhero comics should be. It’s hard to choose just one moment from the series that encapsulates the heroism and badassery of all the Runaway girls, but the first issue of Volume 2 is a good taste.

The first thing you see when the Runaways return in Volume 2 is the ladies kicking ass together, and it’s pretty great. This scene is just an example of how brave, strong, and tough Gert, Molly, Nico, and Karolina are. They’ve come a long way since Volume 1 and they are not only prepared to make up for the sins of their parents, but they demonstrate that they are fully capable of it, too. In addition to being great heroes, they have a lot going for them personality wise too:

I think this panel captures a lot of what the Runaway girls are - they are proud of who they are, (be that mutant, extraterrestrial, or even lesbian) and they are proud of each other. They are extremely accepting of each other and of others, shown later when they accept Xavin and Klara into the fold (two other extraordinary young women who come from very different lifestyles). They are definitely unconventional and proud to be so!

I could say a lot about the Runaways, but I think it boils down to how strong these girls are, and how unapologetic they are about being so! They are who they are and they don’t really care if anyone outside their “family” likes it or not. I think this series has a lot of “THIS!” moments. As a teenager myself and a fairly new reader of comics, this book fairly spoiled me on how girls in comics should be portrayed. Plus, it’s one of the few teams I’ve ever seen where the girls outnumber the boys! I would recommend it to anyone: not only is The Runaways a great story, but it is also a great depiction of young women in superhero comics.